Troy-Bilt Lawn Trimmer Replacement Bump Head Knob Assembly 791-181468B

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Product Description:

Replacement Bump Knob Head For Some Lawn Trimmers And Handheld Trimmers
Head Bump Knob Works With Lawn Trimmer Models Including Troy-Bilt
This Replacement Part Attaches To The Cap Of The Spool On A Gas-Powered Line Trimmer Making It Easier To Feed Additional Line

MTD Replacement Part Numbers 791-181468B, 791-181468, 181468
Fits Troy Bilt Lawn Trimmer Models: TB25CS 41ADT25C063, TB25CS 41ADT25C066, TB25CS 41ADT25C763, TB25CS 41ADT25C766, TB25CS 41ADT25C966, TB25CS 41BDT25C063, TB25CS 41BDT25C766, TB25ET 41ADT2EC063, TB25ET 41ADT2EC066, TB25ET 41ADT2EC711, TB25ET 41ADT2EC966, TB25ET 41BDT2EC063, TB32CS 41AC132C063, TB32CS 41AC132C966, TB425CS 41ADT42C063, TB425CS 41ADT42C711, TB425CS 41ADT42C766, TB425CS 41ADT42C966, TB475SS 41ADT47C711, TB475SS 41ADT47C766, TB475SS 41ADT47C966, TB475SS 41BDT47C063, TB525CS 41ADT52C711, TB525CS 41ADT52C966, TB525ET 41ADT5EC966, TB575SS 41ADT57C711, TB575SS 41ADT57C966, TB75SS 41ADT75C066, TB75SS 41ADT75C763, TB75SS 41ADT75C766, TB75SS 41ADT75C966, TB75SS 41BDT75C063, TB75SS 41BDT75C766, TB75SS 41CDT75C063, TBSS 41AJSS-C063, TBSS 41AJSS-C711, TBSS 41AJSS-C766, TBSS 41AJSS-C966

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