RBG 2208 Blade Grinding Wheel 36 Grit 8 Inch 559679 Sharpening Stone

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Product Description:

You are buying (2) RBG 2208 Premium Ceramic Wheel

RBG Grinding Wheels are manufactured to exact specifications to meet your requirements for sharpening rotary mower blades. RBG Grinding Wheels have set new standards for quality and provide a choice of performance alternatives to meet your grinding needs and price requirements.

These wheels have a red/blue/purple color to them.

Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheels, micro fracture ability. Excellent on very difficult-to-grind applications. Excellent performance at low speed and high speed grinding. The RBG Ceramic Wheel represents a premium product for the user whose applications requires the highest level of quality and maximum product performance.

• 8' X 1"X 5/8
• 36 Grit

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