Mulch Plug Mtd For 42" Troy Bilt Pony Bronco Colt Model: 2010 earlier

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Product Description:

Includes one (1) mulching plug as pictured

Item Specifications:
MTD is the original equipment manufacturer for Troy Bilt, Toro, Craftsman Bolens, White and Sears products
Suitable for both 38" and 42" riding lawn mower models
Fits select model numbers of the brands listed in this auction
Mulch plug is also referred to as a mulching plug or mulcher plug

Please Note: This mulch plug does NOT fit all models built before 2010. It will fit all makes and model numbers listed within. If you are unsure, please email us and we would be happy to confirm compatibility.

Fits the following models (Press 'Ctrl' + 'F' for a quick model search):
13A1660F000 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13A1760F700 (2005)-->Deck Assembly F, 13A1762F029 (2008)-->Deck 38 Inch, 13A1762F229 (2008)-->Deck 38 Inch, 13A1762F700 (2006)-->Quick Reference 38'' Deck Tecumseh, 13A1762F729 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 38 Inch, 13A3660F205 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13A3665G000 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13A3760F700 (2005)-->Deck Assembly F, 13A3761G700 (2005)-->Deck Assembly G, 13A3762F700 (2006)-->Quick Reference 38'' Deck Tecumseh, 13A3771G700 (2005)-->Deck Assembly G, 13A3791G700 (2005)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13A4662F129 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13A7660G752 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13A7688G300 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AA604F401 (2002)-->Deck Assembly, 13AC662F129 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AC762F000 (2008)-->Deck 38 Inch, 13AC762F729 (2005)-->Deck Assembly F, 13AC762F729 (2006)-->Quick Reference 38'' Deck, 13AC762F755 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 38 Inch, 13AD604G401 (2000)-->Deck Assembly W/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13AD608G300 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AD618G705 (2004)-->42" Deck Assembly, 13AD618G726 (2004)-->42" Deck Assembly, 13AD624G401 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AD624G401 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AD668G705 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AD678G034 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AD678G300 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AD683G713 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AD685G000 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AD685G700 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AD688G300 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AD688G300 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AD688G722 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AD695G000 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AD695G700 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AD698G205 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AD698G300 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AD698G300 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AD698G722 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AD771G731 (2006)-->Quick Reference 42'' Deck, 13AD771G731 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13AF607G352 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13AF608G062 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13AF618G705 (2004)-->42" Deck Assembly, 13AF618G726 (2004)-->42" Deck Assembly, 13AF660G131 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF660G352 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF673G000 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF675G062 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF678G205 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF685G700 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AF688G722 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AF693G131 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF695G700 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AF698G131 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF698G722 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AG618G705 (2004)-->42" Deck Assembly, 13AG618G706 (2004)-->42" Deck Assembly, 13AG619H022 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13AG683G163 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AH660F000 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AH660F352 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AH660F352 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AH662F098 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AH762F752 (2005)-->Deck Assembly F, 13AH762F752 (2006)-->Quick Reference 38'' Deck, 13AI608G129 (2000)-->Deck Assembly W/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13AI617H118 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13AJ688G722 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AJ690G752 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AJ698G300 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AJ698G722 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AJ771G004 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ771G004 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ771G031 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ771G031 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ771G204 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ771G231 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ771G231 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ771G713 (2005)-->Deck Assembly G, 13AJ775G059 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ775G059 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ791G731 (2005)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13AJ795G004 (2008)-->Deck 42, 13AJ795G004 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ795G059 (2008)-->Deck 42, 13AJ795G059 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AJ795G204 (2008)-->Deck 42, 13AJ795G730 (2006)-->Deck Assembly, 13AK604G401 (2000)-->Deck Assembly W/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13AK608G009 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AK608G013 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AK608G033 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AK608G062 (2000)-->Deck Assembly W/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13AK608G129 (2000)-->Deck Assembly W/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13AL606G730 (2005)-->Deck, 13AL608G300 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13AL608G731 (2004)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13AL670G000 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AL673G098 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AL675G022 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AL675G062 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM660F000 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AM660F000 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM660F062 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AM660F131 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AM660F205 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AM660F205 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AM660F352 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM660F700 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM660G000 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM660G700 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM660G752 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM662F163 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AM662F765 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM662G765 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM663F352 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AM675G000 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM675G120 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM680F731 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM682G731 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AM685G000 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM762F031 (2008)-->Deck 38 Inch, 13AM762F052 (2008)-->Deck 38 Inch, 13AM762F065 (2008)-->Deck 38 Inch, 13AM762F265 (2008)-->Deck 38 Inch, 13AM762F765 (2005)-->Deck Assembly F, 13AM762F765 (2006)-->Quick Reference M762F, 13AM762F765 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 38 Inch, 13AM762G752 (2005)-->Deck Assembly G, 13AM762G752 (2006)-->Quick Reference 42'' Deck, 13AM771F731 (2005)-->Deck Assembly F, 13AM772F000 (2008)-->Deck 38 Inch, 13AM772F700 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 38 Inch, 13AM772G755 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13AN608G129 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13AN660G352 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AN660G752 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AN662G729 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AN665G000 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN668G205 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN673G098 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN673G131 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN678G016 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN682G129 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN682G729 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AN682G731 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13AN683G163 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN688G034 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN690G352 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN693G118 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN771G729 (2005)-->Deck Assembly G, 13AN771G731 (2005)-->Deck Assembly G, 13AN771G731 (2006)-->Quick Reference 42'' Deck, 13AN771G755 (2006)-->Quick Reference 42'' Deck, 13AN772G000 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AN772G000 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AN772G029 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AN772G055 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AN772G200 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AN772G229 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AN772G700 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13AN772G729 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13AN791G755 (2005)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13AO683G163 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AO772G055 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13AP608G129 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AP698G731 (2004)-->Deck Assembly F And G, 13AQ609G022 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AQ609G033 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AR609G022 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AS608G033 (2000)-->Deck Assembly W/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13AS608G033 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AT604G701 (2004)-->42 Inch Deck Assembly, 13AT604G755 (2004)-->42 Inch Deck Assembly, 13AT605G755 (2005)-->Deck Assembly G, 13AT618G098 (2000)-->Deck Assembly W/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13AT618G098 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AT618G205 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AT618G705 (2004)-->42" Deck Assembly, 13AT618G706 (2004)-->42" Deck Assembly, 13AU678G131 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AX604G401 (2001)-->Deck Assembly, 13AX605G755 (2006)-->Deck Assembly PTO Manual 42 inch, 13AX605G755 (2006)-->Quick Reference 42'' Deck, 13AX614G701 (2004)-->Deck Assembly, 13AX615G055 (2008)-->Mowing Deck, 13AX795G031 (2008)-->Deck 42, 13AY614G401 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13AZ618H016 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13BD604G401 (2001)-->Deck Assembly, 13BD604G401 (2002)-->42 Inch Cutting Deck, 13BF660F352 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13BF675G062 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BH660F000 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13BH660F016 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13BH660F120 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13BI618H205 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13BK608G062 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BK608G129 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BM660F000 (2004)-->Deck Assembly "F" & "G", 13BM660F131 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13BN660G352 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BN682G129 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BN771G729 (2006)-->Quick Reference 42'' Deck, 13BR609G022 (2000)-->Deck Assembly W/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13BR609G022 (2002)-->42" Cutting Deck, 13BR609G022 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BT604G401 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BT604G401 (2004)-->42 Inch Deck Assembly, 13BT604G452 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BX604G401 (2001)-->Deck Assembly, 13BX605G755 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13CF675G062 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13CH660F000 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13CX614G401 (2003)-->42-Inch Cutting Deck, 13CX614G401 (2004)-->Deck Assembly, 13DF675G062 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13R1762F729 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 38 Inch, 13RN772G029 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13RN772G055 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13RN772G229 (2008)-->Deck 42 Inch, 13RN772G729 (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 17AC2ACG004 RZT-42 (2008), RZT-42 17AC2ACG004 (2008)-->Mower Deck RZT-42, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2005)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2006)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2007)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2008)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2009)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2010)-->General Assembly, 13A1762F700 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 38 inch, 13A3762F700 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 38 inch, 13AC762F729 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 38 inch, 13AD771G731 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13AH762F752 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 38 inch, 13AM762F765 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 38 inch, 13AM762G752 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13AN771G731 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13AN771G755 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13BN771G729 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13AG611G706 (2005)-->Deck Assembly, 13AX611G705 (2005)-->Deck Assembly, 13A4662F129 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13A6672G129 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13A8673G009 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AD698G205 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF660G352 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF693G118 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AF698G300 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AH660F000 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AH660F088 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AH660F120 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AH660F352 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AI698G088 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AL670F141 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AM660F131 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13AM670G088 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM672G352 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM673G033 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM673G098 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM675G062 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM675G120 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM678G022 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AM693G026 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN673G033 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN673G098 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN673G131 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN675G062 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN675G141 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN678G016 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN678G022 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN678G205 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN690G352 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN690G352 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN693G098 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN695G009 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN698G016 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN698G022 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN698G033 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN698G098 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN698G131 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AN698G205 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AQ698G131 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AS695G098 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AS698G088 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13AS698G205 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BH660F016 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13BH660F033 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13BH660F098 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13BH670F062 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", 13BM675G009 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13BN673G033 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "G", 13CH660F022 (2001)-->Deck Assembly "F", OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2002)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2003)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2004)-->General Assembly, 13AD609G063 (2000)-->Deck Assembly w/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13AG609G063 (2001)-->Deck Assembly G, 13AJ609G766 Bronco (2004)-->Deck Assembly, 13AJ609G766 Bronco (2005)-->Deck Assembly, 13AN779G766 Pony (2005)-->Deck Assembly, 13AN77KG011 Pony (2008)-->Deck Assembly, 13AN77KG011 Pony (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AN77KG066 Pony (2008)-->Deck Assembly, 13AN77KG066 Pony (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AN77KG211 Pony (2008)-->Deck Assembly, 13AN77KG211 Pony (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AN77TG711 Pony (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13AN77TG766 Pony (2006)-->Deck Assembly, 13AN77TG766 Pony (2006)-->Quick Reference, 13AN77TG766 Pony (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13AO77TG766 Bronco (2006)-->Deck Assembly, 13AO77TG766 Bronco (2006)-->Quick Reference, 13AP609G063 LTX1842 (2003)-->Deck Assembly G 42", 13AQ609G063 (2000)-->Deck Assembly w/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13AT609G766 Super Bronco (2004)-->Deck Assembly, 13AT609G766 Super Bronco (2005)-->Deck Assembly, 13AV60KG011 Bronco (2008)-->Mowing Deck 42, 13AV60KG011 Bronco (2009)-->Mowing Deck 42 Inch, 13AV60KG066 Bronco (2008)-->Mowing Deck 42, 13AV60KG066 Bronco (2009)-->Mowing Deck 42 Inch, 13AV60KG211 Bronco (2008)-->Mowing Deck 42, 13AV60KG211 Bronco (2009)-->Mowing Deck 42 Inch, 13AX609G063 (2001)-->Deck Assembly, 13AX60TG766 Super Bronco (2006)-->Deck Assembly, 13AX60TG766 Super Bronco (2006)-->Quick Reference, 13AX61KG011 Range Rider (2008)-->Mowing Deck Range Rider, 13AX61KG011 Range Rider (2008)-->Quick Reference Range Rider, 13AX61KG011 Range Rider (2009)-->Mowing Deck 42 Inch, 13AY609G766 Bronco (2004)-->Deck Assembly, 13BD609G063 (2000)-->Deck Assembly w/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13BX609G063 (2000)-->Deck Assembly w/Dual-Drive Belt Design, 13BX60TG711 Super Bronco (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13BX60TG766 Super Bronco (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13CD609G063 (2001)-->Deck Assembly G, 13CD609G063 17.5HP Lawn Tractor (2002), LT-1742 (2002)-->42 Inch Deck, 13CX609G063 18HP Lawn Tractor (2002), LT-1842 (2002)-->42 Inch Deck, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit, 190-116-000-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2002), 190-116 (2002)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2003), 190-116 (2003)-->Mulch Kit, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2004), 190-116 (2004)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2005), 190-116 (2005)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2006), 190-116 (2006)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2007), 190-116 (2007)-->General Assembly, OEM-190-116 Mulch Kit (2008), 190-116 (2008)-->General Assembly, 13A2771G790 LT-542G (2005)-->Deck Assembly, 13A2791G790 LT-542H (2005)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13A2791G790 LT-542H (2006)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13AA662F190 LT-13 (2002)-->Deck Assembly, 13AA692G190 LT-135 (2002)-->42" Deck Assembly, 13AJ775G790 LT-542G (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42 Inch, 13AN795G790 LT-542H (2007)-->Deck Assembly 42, 13AP616G597 (2008)-->Quick Reference, 13AP616H597 (2008)-->Quick Reference, 13AV606G597 (2008)-->Quick Reference, 13AV60GG897 (2009)-->Quick Reference, 13AV616G597 (2008)-->Quick Reference, 13AV761F597 (2008)-->Quick Reference, 13AX605G790 LT-942G (2006)-->Deck, 190-116-000 Mulch Kit (2001)-->Mulch Kit, 190-116-000 Mulch Kit (2005)-->General Assembly 116, 190-116-000 Mulch Kit (2006)-->General Assembly 116, 190-116-000 Mulch Kit (2007)-->General Assembly 116, 190-118-000 Mulch Kit (2010)-->General Assembly 116, ZT-42 17AJ2ACG (2008), 17AJ2ACG090 (2008)-->Mower Deck ZT42, 13A2771G790 LT-542G (2006)-->Deck Assembly 42 inch, 13AP61GG897 (2009)-->Quick Reference, 13AP61GH897 (2009)-->Quick Reference, 13AV61GG897 (2009)-->Quick Reference, 13AM683F190 LT-15 (2001)-->Deck Assembly, 13AP616G597 (2008)-->Mowing Deck 42-inch, 13AP61GG897 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AV606G597 (2008)-->Mowing Deck, 13AV60GG897 (2009)-->Deck Assembly, 13AV616G597 (2008)-->Mowing Deck 42-inch, 13AV61GG897 (2009)-->Mower Deck 42 Inch, 13AV761F597 (2008)-->Deck Assembly, 13AV76GF897 (2009)-->Deck 38 Inch, 13BH660F009 YM-1338 (2001)-->Deck Assembly, 190-116-000 Mulch Kit (2002)-->General Assembly, 190-116-000 Mulch Kit (2003)-->Mulch Kit, 190-116-000 Mulch Kit (2004)-->General Assembly

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best we can.