MTD Replacement Lawn Mower Blade Adapter with Pulley 948-04015A

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Product Description:

Replacement blade adapter for an assortment lawn trimmer and weed trimmer models
This blade may also be referred to as a mulching blade, mulch blade, mower blade or lawn mower blade

Fits MTD lawn mower models: 12A-469R000, 12A-469R004, 12A-469R026, 12A-469R054, 12A-469R121, 12A-469R205, 12A-469R301, 12A-469R304, 12A-469R307, 12A-469R371, 12A-469R372, 12A-469R382, 12A-469R401, 12A-469R513, 12A-469R705, 12A-469R706, 12A-469R709, 12A-469R713, 12A-469R720, 12A-469R726, 12A-469R730, 12A-469R745, 12A-469R754, 12A-469S204, 12A-469W000, 12A-469W002, 12A-469W009, 12A-469W016, 12A-469W019, 12A-469W022, 12A-469W026, 12A-469W029, 12A-469W033, 12A-469W054, 12A-469W057, 12A-469W077, 12A-469W098, 12A-469W105, 12A-469W118, 12A-469W121, 12A-469W129, 12A-469W131, 12A-469W134, 12A-469W138, 12A-469W145, 12A-469W151, 12A-469W196, 12A-469W205, 12A-469W206, 12A-469W229, 12A-469W301, 12A-469W304, 12A-469W307, 12A-469W308, 12A-469W371, 12A-469W372, 12A-469W382, 12A-469W401, 12A-469W513, 12A-469W704, 12A-469W705, 12A-469W706, 12A-469W709, 12A-469W713, 12A-469W715, 12A-469W719, 12A-469W720, 12A-469W722, 12A-469W724, 12A-469W726, 12A-469W729, 12A-469W730, 12A-469W745, 12A-469W754, 12A-469W777, 12A-469W929, 12A-469W977, 12A-568Q118

Replaces Part Numbers: 948-04015A, 94804015A, 948-04015, 94804015, 748-04015A, 74804015A, 748-04015, 74804015

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best we can.