Legacy 8.918-273.0 PressWasher Whip/ConnectorHose, 3/8"x3', 5000psi

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Product Description:

Legacy 8.918-273.0 Pressure Washer Whip/Connector Hose, 3/8" x 3', 5000 PSI
Jumper hose can be used as a bypass hose from unloader to pump, connector/whip hose from pump to heater coil, heater coil to the outlet and for connecting pressure washer to a hose reel.

Ultima 2-Wire, 3/8", 5000 PSI Black Hose Assemblies Include:

1 solid end and 1 swivel end
Seamless inner tube
Wrapped impression outer cover
Temperature up to 275 deg. F
50% Greater Flexibility