Genuine Wright Stander Mower Drive Pump Belt 71460064 48” 52” Decks

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Product Description:

(1) Wright Drive Pump Belt, Wright Part Number 71460064.

This is a genuine original belt, this is not an aftermarket belt.

This will fit the following Wright models:
79530003 IPL: WS, STANDER- LARGE FRAME, REV 2009/07/01, SN 49705
79530009 IPL: WSE, SENTAR 3, REV 2006/08/01, SN 26980
79530010 IPL: WSE, SENTAR 3, REV 2006/11/01, SN 31423
79530026 IPL: WSTX, STANDER X, REV 2010/11/19, SN 53014
79530027 IPL: WSTX, STANDER X, REV 2011/05/23, SN 55853
79530028 IPL: WSPX, SPORT X, REV 2011/05/23, SN 55864

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

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