Genuine Original Scag Spring Exterior Deck Idler 483704 OEM

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Product Description:

You are buying (1) Scag Exterior Deck Idler Spring, Scag Part Number 483704.

This is an original genuine Scag part, this is not an aftermarket part.

Will fit the following Scag models:
SMST-72A Turf Tiger (S/N E0000001-E0099999)
SMT-52V Turf Tiger (S/N D9400001-D9499999)
SMT-61V STT-31EFI Turf Tiger (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
SMT-61V Turf Tiger (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
SMT-72V (Diesel Turf Tiger) (S/N G6600001-G6699999)
SMT-72V (S/N F7200001-F7299999)
SMT-72V Turf Tiger (S/N E2300001-E2399999)
SMT-72VS STT 31EFI Turf Tiger (S/N E3400001-E3499999)
SMT-72VS Turf Tiger (S/N E3400001-E3499999)
STT-28CAT-SS (S/N E2100001-E2199999)
STT-29CH-EFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G9300001-G9399999)
STT-31EFI-SS (S/N F6600001-F6699999)
STT-31EFI-SS (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5700001-G5799999)
STT-35BVAC (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5800001-G5899999)
STT-35BVAC-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E5500001-E5599999)
STT-791DFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5600001-G5699999)
STT52V-25CH-LP (S/N F5300001-F5399999)
STT52V-27CH (S/N F5400001-F5499999)
STT52V-27CH (Turf Tiger) (S/N G4600001-G4699999)
STT52V-29CH-EFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G9100001-G9199999)
STT61V-25CH-LP (S/N F5500001-F5599999)
STT61V-25KBD-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E3800001-E3899999)
STT61V-27CH (S/N F5500001-F5599999)
STT61V-27CH (Turf Tiger) (S/N G4800001-G4899999)
STT61V-27KA (S/N F5700001-F5799999)
STT61V-28CAT (Diesel Turf Tiger) (S/N G5000001-G5099999)
STT61V-28CAT (S/N F5800001-F5899999)
STT61V-28CAT-SS (S/N E2000001-E2099999)
STT61V-28CAT-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E2000001-E2099999)
STT61V-29CH-EFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G9200001-G9299999)
STT61V-29DFI (S/N F5900001-F5999999)
STT61V-29DFI-LE (S/N F6000001-F6099999)
STT61V-29KB-DF (S/N E5800001-E5899999)
STT61V-29KB-DF Dual-Fuel Turf Tiger (S/N E5800001-E5899999)
STT61V-31EFI-SS (S/N F6100001-F6199999)
STT61V-31EFI-SS (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5200001-G5299999)
STT61V-31EFI-SS Turf Tiger (S/N E3700001-E3799999)
STT61V-31KB-DF (S/N F6200001-F6299999)
STT61V-35BVAC (S/N F6300001-F6399999)
STT61V-35BVAC (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5400001-G5499999)
STT61V-750KA (Turf Tiger) (S/N G4900001-G4999999)
STT61V-791DFI (Turf Tiger) (S/N G5100001-G5199999)

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best we can.