Genuine Echo Carburetor A021001340 SRM280 PPT280 PAS280 PE280 PPF280

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Product Description:

(1) Echo Carburetor, Part Number A021001341

This is an original genuine Echo part, this is not aftermarket.

Fits Models:
BRD-280 S/N: S70711001001 - S70711999999
BRD-280 S/N: S70812001001 - S70812999999
BRD-280 S/N: S70913001001 - S70913999999
PAS-280 S/N: T44511001001 - T44511999999
PAS-280 S/N: T44612001001 - T44612999999
PAS-280 S/N: T44713001001 - T44713999999
PE-280 S/N: S63012001001 - S63012999999
PE-280 S/N: S63111001001 - S63111999999
PE-280 S/N: S83413001001 - S83413999999
PPF-280 S/N: E09511001001 - E09511999999
PPF-280 S/N: E09612001001 - E09612999999
PPF-280 S/N: E09713001001 - E09713999999
PPF-300ES S/N: E06537001001 - E06537999999
PPT-280 S/N: E08011001001 - E08011999999
PPT-280 S/N: E08612001001 - E08612999999
PPT-280 S/N: E09213001001 - E09213999999
PPT-300ES S/N: E06637001001 - E06637999999
SRM-280 S/N: S66511001001 - S66511999999
SRM-280 S/N: S74012001001 - S74012999999
SRM-280 S/N: S81513001001 - S81513999999
SRM-280S S/N: S66611001001 - S66611999999
SRM-280S S/N: S74112001001 - S74112999999
SRM-280S S/N: S81613001001 - S81613999999
SRM-280T S/N: S66711001001 - S66711999999
SRM-280T S/N: S74212001001 - S74212999999
SRM-280T S/N: S81713001001 - S81713999999
SRM-280U S/N: S67511001001 - S67511999999
SRM-280U S/N: S75012001001 - S75012999999
SRM-280U S/N: S82513001001 - S82513999999

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best we can.