Fuel gas tank & Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 495912,396778,396781

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Product Description:
New Fuel Gas Tank & Carburetor Assembly

This Carburetor Assembly replaces the following Briggs & Stratton Part Numbers:

494406, 497619, 498809, & 498809A

Including Briggs & Stratton Models:

93902, 95902, 95982, 96902, 96982, 98902, 98982, 9B902, 9C902, 9C982, 9D902, 9D982,

9E902, 9E912, 9F902, 9G902, 9H902, 9J902, 9K902, 9L902, 9M902, 9S502, 9T502, 9T602,

9T702, 9T802, 10A902, 10A912, 10A982, 10B902, 10C902, 10C982, 10D902, 10D912, 10D982,

10E902, 10F902, 10G902, 10H902, 10J902, 10J912, 10K902, 10L902, 10M902, 10M912,

10N902, 10S902, 10T502, 10T602, 10T702, 10T802, 10T812, & 120T02

It is the customers responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for your unit.