931-3131A MTD Cub Cadet Chute Discharge Deflector for 48" 54" Decks

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Product Description:

Genuine OEM MTD Product
Includes one (1) deflector discharge chute as pictured

Item Specifications:
MTD is the original equipment manufacturer for all Cub Cadet products
Fits only the 48" and 54" stamped decks
Replaces Part Numbers: 931-3131A, 731-3131A, 731-3131, 931-3131
Please Note: This does NOT include any hardware.
Fits the following models (Partial List): 317 48" Mower, 190-317-100-->Deck Assembly, 324 54" Mower, 190-324-100-->Deck Assembly, 365 (2001), 53CA1B6K100 (2001)-->54" Deck Assembly, 365, 53CA1B6K100-->54" Deck Assembly, 365L (2001), 53CA1D5K100 (2001)-->54" Deck Assembly, 365L, 53CA1D5K100-->54" Deck Assembly, 4816F S/N 503,791 and above, 553C565M100, 554C565M100, 556C565M100, 555C565M100-->Deck, Z48 (1999), 53BA1B5M100 (HM 1999)-->48" Deck Assembly, Z54 (1999), 53BA1B6K100 (HM 1999)-->54" Deck Assembly, Z54L (1999), 53BA1D5K100 (HM 1999)-->54" Deck Assembly, 289 48" Mower, 190-289-100-->Deck Assembly, 290 54" Mower, 190-290-100-->290 54 Mower, 4814R S/N 457,900 - 460,859, 553C462M100, 554C462M100, 555C462M100-->48" Fixed Deck Main Assembly, 4814R S/N 495,637 and above, 556C463M100, 555C463M100-->Deck Main Assembly, 4815F/Pro Performer, 556C465M100-->48" Floating Deck, 4816F S/N 457,900 - 503,790, 553C565K100, 554C565K100-->48" Floating Deck, 501 Grass Catcher-->Support Tubes And Blades, 5416R S/N 457,900 - 460,859, 553C562K100, 554C562K100-->54" Fixed Deck Main Assembly, 5418F S/N 452,900 - 503,790, 555C565K100, 556C565K100-->54" Floating Deck, 5418F S/N 503,791 and above, 553C765K100, 554C765K100, 556C765K100, 555C765K100-->Deck, Z48, 53AC355M100-->48" Deck Assembly, Z48L, 53AC365M100, 53BA1D5M100-->48" Deck Assembly, Z54, 53AC385K100-->54" Deck Assembly, Z54L, 53AC365K100-->54" Deck Assembly, RZT50 Kawasaki 17AA5D7P, 17AA5D7P710, 17AA5D7P709, 17AA5D7P756-->Mower Deck 50 inch, RZT50 Kohler, 17AA5B7P756, 17AA5B7P710-->Mower Deck 50 inch, SLT1554 Tractor Courage Engine (2007 & before), 13AK11BK709, 13AK11BK710-->Mower Deck 54 inch, 295 54" Mower, 190-295-100-->54 inch Deck Assembly, 301 48" Mower, 190-301-100-->48" Deck Assembly, 613 54" Mower, 590-613-100-->54" Deck Assembly, 810 54" Mower Deck, 590-810-100-->Deck Assembly 54, GT1554 Tractor Command Engine (14AK13CK) S/N 1K015 & Before, 14AK13CK709, 14AK13CK710-->Deck Chute Assembly, GT1554 Tractor Courage or Command Engine (14AK13BK) S/N 1K015 - 1K017, 14AK13BK709, 14AK13BK710, 14AK13BK756, 14RK13BK756-->Deck Chute Assembly, GT2523-54 Tractor, 13A-2A8K710-->Deck Assembly 54", GT2554 Tractor Mfg Date K015 & Before, 13A-2A7K710-->Deck Assembly 54", GT2554 Tractor Mfg Date K015 - K018, 14A-2A7K710-->Deck Assembly 54 inch, LT1050 Tractor (2007 & before), 13AQ11CP709, 13AQ11CP712, 13AQ11CP710, 13AP11CP710, 13AP11CP709, 13AP11CP756, 13RP11CP756-->Deck Chute Assembly, SLT1550 Tractor (2007 & before), 13AQ11BP756, 13AQ11BP710, 13RQ11BP756-->Deck Chute Assembly, SLT1554 Tractor Courage Engine (2007 & before), 13AK11BK709, 13AK11BK710-->Deck Chute Assembly, LT1024 Tractor, 13AR11CP712, 13AR11CP710-->Mower Deck 50-Inch, RZT22, 17AA5A7P710, 17AA5A7P712-->Mower Deck 50 Inch, RZT50 B&S Intek, 17BA5A7P712, 17BA5A7P710, 17BA5A7P709-->Mower Deck 50 inch, SLT1554 Tractor Command Engine, 13AK11CK709, 13AK11CK710, 13AK11CK712-->Mower Deck, 2518-48 Tractor, 13A-288M100, 13A-208M100-->48 Inch Deck Assembly, GT2186-48 Tractor, 13A-298M712, 13A-298M710-->Deck Assembly 48 Inch, GT2521-48 Tractor, 13A-278M710-->Deck Assembly 48 Inch, 14AR808K131 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "K", 14AR808K131 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "K", 14AR808K731 (2004)-->Deck Assembly 54", 14AR814K401 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "K", 14AZ808K131 (2002)-->Deck Assembly "K", 14AZ814K401 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "K", 14AZ814K401 (2004)-->Deck Assembly, 14AZ814K701 (2004)-->Deck Assembly, 14BR808K731 (2004)-->Deck Assembly 54", 13AP615P755 (2005)-->Deck, 13AU615P755 (2005)-->Deck, 13AP60TP766 Horse (2006)-->Deck Assembly, 17AA5ABP766 RZT 50 (2006)-->Mower Deck 50 inch, 14AZ809K063 GTX2654 (2003)-->Deck Assembly K 54 Inch, 14AZ809K766 Big Red (2004)-->Deck Assembly, 13AP60TP766 Horse (2006)-->Quick Reference, 14AR809K063 25HP Garden Tractor (2002), GT-2554 (2002)-->54 Inch Deck, Z-200 (1999), 53BA1A6M190-->48" Deck Assembly, ZT-2150 (2001), 53CA1A6M190 (2001)-->48" Deck Assembly, ZT-2150-->48" Deck Assembly, ZT-2250 (2001), 53CA1A7K190 (2001)-->54" Deck Assembly, ZT-2250-->54" Deck Assembly, Z-180, 53AC235M190-->48" Deck Assembly, Z-180L, 53AC265K190, 53BA1D5K190-->54" Deck Assembly, Z-200, 53AC275K190-->48" Deck Assembly, Z-200, 53AC275K190-->54" Deck Assembly, Z-220, 53BA1A7K190-->Deck Assembly 54 inch, 13AP616P790 LT-950H (2006)-->Deck Assembly, ZT-22 (2004), 17AA5A7P790 (2004)-->Deck Assembly, ZT-50 (2005), 17BA5A7P790-->Deck Assembly, ZT-50 (2006), 17AA557P790 (2006)-->Deck Assembly 50 inch, 14A9816K190 GT-2550 (2003)-->Deck Assembly "K" 54 Inch, 14A9816K790 GT-2550H (2004)-->Deck Assembly, 14A9816P790 GT-950H (2005)-->Deck Chute Assembly, 14AZ816K190 GT-2550 (2002)-->54" Cutting Deck

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