738-04162A *OEM* ~ Genuine MTD ~ Shoulder Spacer

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Product Description:

Genuine OEM MTD Product
Includes One (1) Shoulder Spacer as pictured

Item Specifications:
MTD Part Number: 738-14162A, 73814162A
Replaces Part Number: 738-04162, 738-04162C

Fits the following models: 13AM772F000 13AN772G000 13AN772G200 13AM772F700 13AN772G700 13A1762F700 13A3762F700 13A1760F700 13A3760F700 13A3761G700 13A3771G700 13A3791G700 31AO791G718 13AA625P004 13AJ771G004 13AJ795G004 13AA625P004 13AJ771G004 13AJ771G204 13AJ795G004 13AJ795G204 17AC2ACG004 17AD2ACP004 17AE2ACG004 17AF2ACP004 13AO791G718 13AC762F304 13AC762F372 13AC762F401 13AC762F720 13AC762F730 13AC762F301 13AC762F709 13AC762F371 13AC762F307 13AC762F513 13AC762F713 13AC762F382 13AC762F121 13AC762F205 13AC762F705 13AC762F706 13AC762F026 13AC762F726 13AC762F054 13AC762F745 13AC762F754 13AC762F704 13AC762F029 13AC762F229 13AC762F134 13AC762F138 13AC762F729 13AC762F929 13AC762F129 13AC762F151 13AC762F206 13AC762F308 13AC762F033 13AC762F019 13AC762F057 13AC762F118 13AC762F131 13AC762F022 13AC762F722 13AC762F002 13AC762F715 13AC762F077 13AC762F977 13AC762F777 13AC762F724 13AC762F105 13AC762F009 13AC762F016 13AC762F145 13AC762F196 13AC762F719 13AC762F098 13AM772F304 13AM772F372 13AM772F401 13AM772F720 13AM772F730 13AM772F301 13AM772F709 13AM772F371 13AM772F307 13AM772F513 13AM772F713 13AM772F382 13AM772F121 13AM772F205 13AM772F705 13AM772F706 13AM772F026 13AM772F726 13AM772F054 13AM772F745 13AM772F754 13AM772F704 13AM772F029 13AM772F229 13AM772F134 13AM772F138 13AM772F729 13AM772F929 13AM772F129 13AM772F151 13AM772F206 13AM772F308 13AM772F033 13AM772F019 13AM772F057 13AM772F118 13AM772F131 13AM772F022 13AM772F722 13AM761F065 13AM761F265 13AM762F065 13AM762F765 13AM762F265 13AM762F765 13AM762F765

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

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