5 Zama Spec RB-K90 Carburetor Echo A021001590 A021001591 A021001592

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Product Description:

You are buying (5) Carburetor for Echo Blowers

This carburetor will replace the following OEM#s
A021001590 A021001591 A021001592

Fits the following models:
PB-251 S/N: P06113001001 - P06113999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 S/N: P06113002451 - P06113999999 PB-251 S/N: P07611001001 - P07611999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 S/N: P07611022475 - P07611999999 PB-251 S/N: P09012001001 - P09012999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 S/N: P09012139270 - P09012999999 PB-255LN S/N: P35012001001 - P35012999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 PB-255LN S/N: P35111001001 - P35111999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 PB-255LN S/N: P35213001001 - P35213999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 PB-255 S/N: P06213001001 - P06213999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 PB-255 S/N: P07711001001 - P07711999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 PB-255 S/N: P09112001001 - P09112999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 ES-255 S/N: P00811001001 - P00811999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 ES-255 S/N: P07213001001 - P07213999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 ES-255 S/N: P18812001001 - P18812999999-->Carburetor -- RB-K90 Echo Part Numbers: A021001590 A021001591 A021001592 A021001593

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

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