2Pk Genuine OEM Scag 1.125 X 1.785 X .469 Wheel Seal Turf Tiger 482622

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Product Description:

You are buying (2) Genuine OEM Scag Wheel Seal

OEM# 482622

This is an original Scag part, not an aftermarket part.

• ID: 1.125"
• OD: 1.785"
• H: .469"

Fits Models:
SFZ61-30BS (Freedom Z) (S/N G6800400-G6899999)
SFZ61-730FS (Freedom Z) (S/N G6900400-G6999999)
SMST-61A (S/N 7810001-8609999)
SMST-61A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N A7500001-A7599999)
SMST-61V Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N B7800001-B7899999)
SMST-72A (S/N 7820001-8619999)
SMST-72A (S/N 8610001-8619999)
SMST-72A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N A7600001-A7699999)
SMST-72A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N B7900001-B7999999)
SMST-72A Turf Tiger (S/N A7600001-A7699999)
SMST-72A Turf Tiger (S/N E0000001-E0099999)
SMT-52A (S/N 8560001-8569999)
SMT-52A Turf Tiger (S/N A7100001-A7199999)
SMT-52V Turf Tiger (S/N D9400001-D9499999)
SMT-61A (31BV) Turf Tiger (S/N A7300001-A7399999)
SMT-61A (S/N 8570001-8579999)
SMT-61A Turf Tiger (S/N A7200001-A7299999)
SMT-61V STT-31EFI Turf Tiger (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
SMT-61V Turf Tiger (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
SMT-72V (Diesel Turf Tiger) (S/N G6600001-G6699999)
SMT-72V (S/N F7200001-F7299999)
SMT-72V Turf Tiger (S/N E2300001-E2399999)
SMT-72VS STT 31EFI Turf Tiger (S/N E3400001-E3499999)
SMT-72VS Turf Tiger (S/N E3400001-E3499999)
SMTC-48A (S/N 7680001-7689999)
SMTC-48A (S/N 8450000-8459999)
SMTC-48A Tiger Cub (S/N A5400001-A5499999)
SMTC-48V (S/N B5900001-B5999999)
SMTC-48V (S/N D9100001-D9199999)
SMTC-48V (Tiger Cub) (S/N D9100001-D9199999)
SMTC-48V Tiger Cat (S/N D9100001-D9199999)
SMTC-48V Tiger Cub (S/N C7000001-C7099999)
SMTC-52A (S/N 7690001-7699999)
SMTC-52A (S/N 8460000-8469999)
SMTC-52A Tiger Cub (S/N A5500001-A5599999)
SMTC-61A (S/N 8470000-8479999)
SMWC-52A Wildcat (S/N A5500001-A5599999)
SMWC-52V (S/N D9200001-D9299999)
SMWC-52V (Wildcat) (S/N D9200001-D9299999)
SMWC-52V Tiger Cat (S/N D9200001-D9299999)
SMWC-52V Tiger Cub (S/N C7100001-C7199999)
SMWC-52V Wildcat (S/N B6000001-B6099999)
SMWC-61A Wildcat (S/N A5700001-A5799999)
SMWC-61V (S/N D9300001-D9399999)
SMWC-61V Tiger Cat (S/N D9300001-D9399999)
SMWC-61V Wildcat (S/N B6100001-B6199999)
STC48A-19KA (S/N 7630001-7639999)
STC48A-19KA (S/N 8400000-8409999)
STC48A-19KA Tiger Cub (S/N 9250001-9259999)
STC48A-19KA Tiger Cub (S/N A4800001-A4899999)
STC48A-20CV (S/N 7640001-7649999)
STC48A-20CV (S/N 8410000-8419999)
STC48A-20CV Tiger Cub (S/N 9260001-9269999)
STC48A-20CV Tiger Cub (S/N A4900001-A4999999)
STC48A-21KA (S/N 7650001-7659999)
STC48A-21KA (S/N 8420000-8429999)
STC48A-21KA Tiger Cub (S/N 9280001-9289999)
STC48A-21KA Tiger Cub (S/N A5100001-A5199999)
STC48V-19KAI (Tiger Cub) (S/N D6700001-D6799999)
STC48V-19KAI Tiger Cat (S/N E4600001-E4699999)
STC48V-19KAI Tiger Cub (S/N C1600001-C1699999)
STC48V-19KAI Tiger Cub (S/N C6000001-C6099999)
STC48V-21KA Tiger Cub (S/N B5100001-B5199999)
STC48V-22FS (S/N F7400001-F7499999)
STC48V-22FS-LE (S/N F7600001-F7699999)
STC48V-23CV (Tiger Cub) (S/N D6800001-D6899999)
STC48V-23CV Tiger Cat (S/N E4700001-E4799999)
STC48V-23CV Tiger Cub (S/N C2000001-C2099999)
STC48V-23CV Tiger Cub (S/N C6200001-C6299999)
STC48V-24BS (S/N B5000001-B5099999)
STC48V-25CV (S/N F3900001-F3999999)
STC48V-25CV (Tiger Cat) (S/N G2700001-G2799999)
STC48V-25CV Tiger Cat (S/N E9000001-E9099999)
STC48V-26BS (S/N D6500001-D6599999)
STC48V-26BS (S/N F4000001-F4199999)
STC48V-26BS (Tiger Cat) (S/N G2800001-G2899999)
STC48V-26BS Tiger Cat (S/N E4800001-E4899999)
STC48V-26BS Tiger Cub (S/N D1300001-D1399999)
STC48V-651FS (Tiger Cat) (S/N G2600001-G2699999)
STC52A-21KA (S/N 7660001-7669999)
STC52A-23KA (S/N 7670001-7679999)
STC52A-23KA (S/N 8430000-8439999)
STC52A-23KA Tiger Cub (S/N 9290001-9299999)
STC52A-23KA Tiger Cub (S/N A5200001-A5299999)
STC52A-24HN (S/N 8750000-8759999)
STC52A-24HN Tiger Cub (S/N 9300001-9309999)
STC52A-24HN Tiger Cub (S/N A5300001-A5399999)
STC52V-23BV (S/N D6600001-D6699999)
STC52V-23BV Tiger Cub (S/N D1400001-D1499999)
STC52V-23KA Tiger Cub (S/N B5200001-B5299999)
STC52V-23KA Tiger Cub (S/N C6300001-C6399999)
STC52V-24FX (S/N F4100001-F4199999)
STC52V-24HN Tiger Cub (S/N B5300001-B5399999)
STC52V-24HN Tiger Cub (S/N C6400001-C6499999)
STC52V-25CV (S/N E2400001-E2499999)
STC52V-25CV Tiger Cat (S/N E4900001-E4999999)
STC52V-25CV-FR (S/N E3200001-E3299999)
STC52V-27CV (S/N F4200001-F4299999)
STC52V-27CV (Tiger Cat) (S/N G3000001-G3099999)
STC52V-27CV-SS Tiger Cat (S/N E8900001-E8999999)

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best we can.