Karcher 4.764-192.0 Rotary Nozzle 037

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Karcher 4.764-192.0 Rotary Nozzle 037
Rotary Nozzle 037
Karcher DirtBlaster Rotary Nozzle Karcher's patented Dirtblaster nozzle provides large area coverage with almost the same cleaning power as a solid pencil jet! This is achieved by a high-pressure pencil jet rotating at approximately 4,000 RPM, which increases the effective cleaning pressure of your pressure washer by up to 50%! Unsurpassed at removing stubborn dirt and solvents! (Warning: Not recommended for delicate or painted surfaces). Includes pre-assembled Quick Connect adapter. Fits Karcher gasoline pressure washers with a rating of 2400-2500 PSI. Replaces Karcher Original Part -9123001 (9.123-001.0), 2640854 (2.640-854.0) Fits popular Karcher models:G 2500 HT • G 2650 HH • K 2400 HH *USA • K2400HH • G2650HH • G2500HT • Among others •

Rotary Nozzle - Quick Connect
K 2400 HH (1.194-301.0) Pressure Washer
G 2400 HH (1.194-301.0) Pressure Washer